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I wanted a simple way for people to be able to find and network with each other outside of their inner circle of family and friends in their own states and home towns along with the ability to reach outside their states and still maintain their privacy. Below is the template I came up with.
What I came up with: The first thing is to create a email address that represents where you are located by state and town. Here is a real world example using my own email address as the example: I live in SC and the city I currently live in is Gaffney so I came up with the following email address: Another
reason to create a new address is to not only stay anonymous but to not be a target of any possible junkemail or attacks from people who support communism. sc tells you the state and gaffney tells you the city. If someone were to make a Yahoo email address in my town they would find that the
001 was taken so they would need to make the following address: sc_gaffney002 or 003 or 004 etc depending on what was already taken. This same
concept applies to any email carrier you decide to use as your contact address.

Once you establish an email address, you email the web-host which would be me with a short message explaining you want to be added to the list on the website. I will have a dedicated page listing emails in a state by state order set up kind of like a phone book. For now I will need to manually add the email contacts to the list but that won't be an issue. The link to the list of emails can be accessed below. This list will expand to accommodate a growing list. I look forward to hearing from patriots.