My views on health insurance
There are some that say "To hell with those that can't afford health insurance" or they try to compare today to the 1920's - 1930's or the 1940's saying things like "My grandparents didn't have health insurance when they were growing up and they survived just fine". Once again this argument does not work. How would you like to have a 1920's law into place today in the 2000's that said every time you came to a stop sign or you entered into town, you must stop your vehicle and get out and circle it waving a lantern then get back into the vehicle and blow the horn before continuing to go any further as not to spook any horse back riders! The healthcare of the 1920's and how the service was handled is just as obsolete as the law on the books I just mentioned. Yes, that was a "real" law and it was just removed from our states books a few years back because it was obsolete and silly by today's standards!
Back in the 1920's, most people had families or relatives that owned farms so this gave people that were willing to earn a living a way to barter for things including a visit by a country doctor who would come out and offer his services for food, livestock from the farmer and for those who had little to no money, he would barter with them to paint his house, clean his office or some sort of labor to pay him back. Those were simpler and harder times but at least people could fall back on a farmhand lifestyle and feed themselves or barter with a doctor for their services. Do you believe for one minute that a doctor in these times is going to barter with his patients for livestock or for a bag of feed ? In a very few rare cases, maybe but, there is not enough farm work to support today's population.
Our healthcare cost is off the scales and it started with the HMO Act of 1973 passed by President Nixon and it was basically over greed. Here is a sample of a presentation Mr. Edgar Kaiser (then Kaiser CEO) made to President Nixon through John D. ErlichmanThe less we do the more we earn”. This convinced President Nixon to go forward with the HMO Act of 1973 with Kaiser as the template and the rest is history filled with greed from CEO’s and their board members that have enough money and wealth to start their own country. Hey man, I can’t make stuff up this good. This conversation came from an audio recording in Nixon’s own office. I am going to include a link to the information so that you know I didn't dream this up.
Today's world is interconnected with cell phones and satellites that can read the license plates right off of your car from outer space. There are other countries equipped like the USA is when it comes to defense and other national security issues. So where am I going with his write-up and how does this tie into healthcare?
In order for the USA to stay ahead and to be competitive with other nations, people need to be able to afford the very basic necessities without losing everything they ever worked for because they or their child had a health crisis. If you look at all of the money that our elected officials waste on pork projects, or inflated prices paid to their chosen ones in the “business world” that they awarded government contracts to, you got to ask yourself why is it that our government pays them this kind of money for such products like $436.00 dollars for a $7.00 hammer or $500.00 dollars for toilet seats that are billed to us? How can a country stay on top of it’s game if it’s people are struggling just to get by much less afford a good education? The $7.00 Hammer for $436.00 is for real! I am not making this up and the hammer thing is only the tip of the iceberg. One more thing, do you think the political figures gets any kickbacks for awarding their buddies these ridicules contracts? Here's a link to the story about the $436.00 hammer.
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