What Do We Do To Stop This Corruption?
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Once again, I realize that the website has a somewhat darkened message But, what I have put on this website is NO laughing matter at all! This write-up is serious business to me! I have watched this country go in the wrong direction for a long time and BOTH parties are corrupted! If you do not see it this way, please quit reading this now! I do not support either party but, in the same breath I would support any candidate that would just do the right thing. I voted for Ron Paul when he ran because I felt that he was on the right path. No candidate will ever be a perfect choice for everybody but compared to the choices we were "faked" into choosing for this "fake" election, he was leaps and bounds over the other choices! I am hoping that a few people that do read this, get motivated enough to spread the word around to a few others and maybe just maybe, a sleeping giant will awaken. I am not a conservative nor am I a liberal supporter. I am closer to a moderate if you must label me something. Now that I have that out of the way, I hope and pray that the American people can change this and remove the corruption in a totally non violent way but if this is not possible, then, so be it. I have done my best to come up with some sort of "outline plan". If you have some ideas, or think you may have a better way, please contact me through the website.
First of all, there needs to be a "Fire Them All" committee formed followed by taking a close look at all of our elected officials to see if they are associated with corruption groups like the Bilderberg Group, Carlyle Group just to name a few. Second of all, are they trying to do what they said they would do if they were elected to office? This needs to handled from our state Governors on up the ladder straight to the President of The United States. If they are not doing what the American people asked of them, immediately fire them, and replace them with somebody that will follow the will of the voters and this especially applies to those who ran under the Tea Party umbrella! My new slogan ---->"When in doubt, kick their asses out."<---- Replace them and try again."
The "Fire Them All" grass roots movement needs to start in a local town hall format and the word of this movement can be spread through Work Friends, Church, Social Gatherings, In A Bar, by CB radio and even Carrier Pigeon if necessary! A few people will need to organize it up and set up a time and a place for the meeting. This cannot a "Black thing" or a  "White thing" or ANY other race or group thing! This needs to be an American thing period! I am calling on ALL of the other web host, radio talk show host, including the alternate news outlets to pool together to spread this word. These town hall meetings need to happen everywhere at the same time to be effective and to null ANY media blackout by the major news outlets. Think of it like cells! It worked for the terrorist and it will work for us too! They cannot stop everyone from voicing out and taking action with this type of movement. The time is right for this now. Sincerely, a concerned American citizen.
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