Question Their Connections
Most people have heard mention of the names, or read about groups such as the Bilderberg group, Carlyle group or the CFR just to name a few. These groups contribute AND influence decisions that affect not only OUR government but many other governments too. In a simplistic and very basic nutshell, They are basically comprised of wealthy "behind the scenes" individuals from our country AND from other foreign nations that influence our elected officials to make decisions that the common people have no voice in.

When our founding fathers drew up the American Constitution, they did not leave any provisions for the special interest groups or for any foreign governments or any "highest bidder" groups to come in and influence our laws period and yet this is what is happening. Here is a small phrase that I coined while I was building this website. "The sovereignty and the uniqueness of ANY country is it's true independence onto itself." MSW.

The people behind these groups want a one world government and they are pushing for it hard. At the time I was laying out this page, I had just gotten off of the telephone with a friend that made mention that the amero (replacement for our money) was on the table just in case our dollar collapses. Well...I got news for you! These people have orchestrated the crash of our economy on purpose for their own gains. To them, the world is one "big" monopoly game and they really do not care what happens to anyone else in the world.

There are people that are a hell of a lot smarter that I am when it comes to this topic and some of these people are well known. I have included links to these people for you to go and read and learn for yourself. There is simply too much material and it will overwhelm you at first. This is why I designed this website the way that I did. I wanted to put this on a Jr high school reading level so that anyone would be able to comprehend this.

Below you will find info about the past presidents leading up to Trump and their links to these groups mentioned. This does not even include their vice presidents or their staff. This should outrage every registered voter out there once they go and research this for themselves! Be forewarned: You will not like what you are about to learn but you should take what you leard and pass it on to others so that a sleeping giant will awaken.

Now just in case some of you may be confused about our Second Amendment let me school you on what it really stands for! The Second Amendment was not written so that we could own shotguns or squirrel rifiles. It was put into place so Americans could protect themselves from others who choose to break the law and/or would cause bodily harm to them and if need be, from their own government in the unfortunate event that it gets corrupted and is no longer a true representation of "We The People". An armed citizenry stands as a constant reminder to those in power that, though they may violate our rights temporarily, they will not do so endlessly and without consequence. "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined... The great object is that every man be armed." Patrick Henry. Do you understand now?

The special interests groups are: Bilderberg, the CFR, Wall Street, Bankers (The Fed), big Pharmaceutical interest, Big Business (Chamber of Commerce), PACs (LaRaza, AIPAC, etc.), SIEU/ACORN (Obama),

Some would say that it should be expected for our elected officials to be involved with big business after all, major decisions happen at these levels that keep America running and yes, this is true but these people use their high dollar lawyers and their lobbyist to sway a lot of decisions that are bad for the average American and in reality it creates double standards. Ask yourself the following question:

Why is it that the ones that run for public office basically from the state governors on up, are always wealthy people or that they become very wealthy after a handfull of terms? The "Question their connection cont" link is a must see.
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